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About Us

Nutriex anti-inflammatory and joint nutrition products allow athletes and other adults to stay active and recover quickly from injury or surgery.
Time-tested and scientifically proven ingredients and formulations
Contain the highest quality ingredients and exceeds FDA regulations
Developed by a panel of experts in orthopedics, ophthamalogy, pharmacology, chemistry, sports medicine, and cardiology
Manufactured in the U.S.

Sold by leading sports physicians, physical therapists, and pharmacies
No multi-level marketing.


History of Nutriex

Nutriex was created in 1999 by Dr. Thomas Rosenberg, Dr. Randall Olson, and bioengineer Kathleen Deffner in response to their clinical requirements for nutrients, in lieu of drugs, which could fuel healing mechanisms in their treatments of eye and orthopedic conditions. Rosenberg had observed that regular NSAIDs for arthritis were “cover-up drugs” with unacceptable long term side effects. At age 46, his own bilateral thumb joint arthritis needed a sustainable solution that would work via natural pathways of anti-inflammatory and joint nutrition. Olson recognized that of the dozen existing prescriptions for dry eye syndrome, none actually healed the condition. He optimized an omega-3 preparation that became Nutriex Omega-3/Fish Oil, which actually heals the condition.

Recognizing the advantages of multisystem nutrient supplementation and to assist formulation, a science panel was created. Experts in preventive cardiology, immunology, gerontology, exercise science, nutrition and others were recruited. The initial formulations of Nutriex Health and Sport were formulated and manufactured under the highest manufacturing scrutiny and standards by Propac Laboratories of Ogden, Utah. Products to supplement nutrition, protein, omega-3, bone and joint, and a basic multivitamin have been sequentially formulated over a 10-year period. During this period, Nutriex products have been adopted by sport-defining athletes in rock climbing, golf, winter sports, rodeo, team sports, and hundreds of their recreational counterparts. Thousands of patients have been treated by the nutritional pathways of Nutriex products in preference to drug prescriptions.

Nutriex, LLC
1055 E. 2100 S. Suite 203
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
1-888-NUTRIEX (688-7439)
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