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October 29, 2010

High Dose IV Vitamin C Saves Lives

High Dose IV Vitamin C In the News

The link below is to a very recent New Zealand 60 Minutes segment documenting one man’s absolutely miraculous recovery from massive swine flu infection.  Should you or a loved one ever suffer from a severe infection or face the horrible cancer diagnosis, you NEED to watch this video.  Doing so can save lives!

This video segment documents how a man’s hospital staff had slated him to be removed from life support at the end of the week.  Through much pleading from the family, the staff agreed to administer high dose intravenous vitamin C, but only for 2 days.  What followed astounded them.  He got dramatically better within a very short period of time!  This story swept across New Zealand and Australia like wildfire.  Watch the video and prepare yourself for an eye-opener.—Miracle-Cure/tabid/371/articleID/171328/Default.aspx

I’ve seen vitamin C help many of my patients with acute and chronic infections, allergies, autoimmune diseases, and many kinds of cancer and various stages of conventional cancer care -I forgot to mention: the man in the video was also diagnosed with cancer during his hospital ordeal.  It’s gone now; without any treatment other than the IV vitamin C!

Many patients ask my opinion as to why conventional medicine does not use helpful therapies such as high dose IV vitamin C.  I don’t think there is a conspiracy, necessarily, but I do know that there is absolutely zero interest for a pharmaceutical company to spend tens to hundreds of millions of dollars to study a medicine they can not patent and, therefore, can not profit from.  This is simply how the world works.  Should there be funding out there to support a large-scale study of vitamin C, count me in and I’ll be happy to help make it happen.

How does high dose IV vitamin C work?

A recent study conducted by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that high concentrations of vitamin C (achieved by I.V. doses) had anticancer effects in 75 percent of the tested cancer cell lines. Non-cancerous cells were unaffected. Tumor weight was reduced by 41-53 percent in animals with advanced cancer.

Vitamin C works to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi by producing peroxide.  Peroxide is used by our immune system cells to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi.  When peroxide is generated within cancer cells, ensuing oxidation destroys the cell rapidly and effeciently.  Oxidative conventional chemotherapy drugs do the same thing, although there has yet to be a drug manufactured to date that is as safe as the essential nutrient, vitamin C.

With regard to cancer cells, evidence is mounting that vitamin C creates peroxide during a mechanism involving the displacement of either iron, copper, or both metals from their carrier proteins.  Peroxide is selectively toxic to cancer cells because these abnormal cells lack normal enzyme activity that other healthy cells have in abundance.  This enzyme is called catalase.

Catalase acts extremely rapidly to convert toxic hydrogen peroxide to harmless byproducts, water and oxygen. It is the lack of catalase activity that is unique to many kinds of cancer that triggers these cells to self-destruct when exposed to peroxide generated oxidative stress. Underactive catalase activity is one achilles heel of many types of cancer, which is why oxidative and free radical generating conventional chemotherapy drugs exist.

What about IV Hydrogen Peroxide?

Intravenous dilute hydrogen peroxide is also an effective anti-infection and adjunctive cancer treatment, but the peroxide is reacted by catalase immediately when exposed to the bloodstream.  Peroxide, given intravenously, is not able to enter and kill cancer cells (with the possible exception of some blood borne cancers).  What does occur is strong stimulation of the immune system.  IV peroxide stimulates the release of potent cytokines (chemicals that direct immune system activity) which subsequently provoke a focus on killing pathogens and cancer cells.  Because of their slightly different and highly beneficial mechanisms of action, IV hydrogen peroxide alternated with high dose IV vitamin C can therefore be used together in a comprehensive immune system support program for cancer and chronic stubborn infectious disease conditions.

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